The Trustees and Management Committee of the Homes are drawn widely from the City and include the Lord Mayor of Leicester, one City Councillor, representatives of other organisations and civic dignitaries, namely, the Bishop of Leicester, the Council of Free Churches , the Leicester Council of Faiths and the Armed Forces Association.

The Charity is administered by the voluntary Trustees, with the day-to-day management being carried out by an Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Administrator.

Our Trustees:

  • Mr Robert Radford - Chairman
  • Mr John Bewley - Vice-Chairman and Representative of the Bishop of Leicester
  • Councillor Andy Connelly - Representative of Leicester City Council
  • Mr Tony Nelson - Representative of the Council of Faiths
  • Mr David Clary - Representative of the Free Churches
  • Mr John Dean
  • Mr Gary Hunt
  • Mr Victor Sherwood
  • Ms Maggie Bodell-Stagg
  • Ms Louise Whitehead
  • The Lord Mayor of Leicester